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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: 4 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Bathroom remodeling is a critical part of your home renovation plan since it directly affects your daily routine. While a spacious bathroom is beyond the reach of every homeowner, it’s important to know how to make the most of your small bath space before you start your remodeling project. You should draw your bathroom design layout considering the number of users, the lifestyle and preferences. For example, the very choice of bathtub vs shower — dictate the area you need and your overall bathroom remodeling budget.

While remodeling a small bathroom — 100 sf or less — remember to follow some best practices so as to strike a balance between function, style, and storage.

Key Questions for Small Bathroom Renovation

Who will use the bathroom?

Before starting your bathroom remodeling project, consider the target users. The design layout of the bathroom depends on the users; for example, a guest bathroom or powder room is meant for occasional use and therefore, it should be small. Moreover, if you have a pet and you want to bathe it in the tub, you want to make sure it’s taken into account beforehand.

How will it be used?

Thinking through the functions of your remodeled bathroom is a good idea. You want to make sure you know the primary functions of your bathroom prior to the renovation. Should your bathroom accommodate house laundry facilities? Should there be a private area? Do you need a tub or shower? Does your tun need to accommodate two people? All these questions (and many more) should be your guiding star to chalk out a design layout that makes optimum use of the available area.

Where will things be stored?

When you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you should think of storage space well in advance. Knowing your needs for open floor space, size of tub or shower and sinks can help you design the layout accordingly. Moreover, you can explore alternative storage spaces such as over-door shelving or recessed medicine cabinets.

If you have a small bathroom (100 sf or less), keep the following tip in mind.

Use Light Color Scheme

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Use Light Color Scheme

Using light or soft color schemes is one of the clever small bathroom remodel ideas. When you use neutral hues as your main palette, it creates the illusion of a larger space. The neutral hues not also better reflect the natural light, making the bathroom feel airy.

While a light foundation may sound boring as an isolated element, you need to think of adding textural elements to add a splash of color, amplifying the visual interest in your small bathroom decor.

Choose Fixtures Wisely

Adding bathroom fixtures to a small bathroom can be tricky — you want to enhance its functionality without making it look choked. Certainly, a bathroom with less than 100 sf can’t have ample real estate for a regular-sized closet, cabinet-style vanity and/or tub-shower combo. So, how do you add fixtures for a functional bathroom without making it look visually cluttered?

Here are some small bathroom remodel ideas:

Floating Vanities // Pedestal Sinks: While a cabinet-sized vanity is a great addition to a bathroom, it’s not ideal for small bathroom remodeling. Instead, you can go for a floating vanity which is installed at a certain height from the floor. A floating vanity offers ample space underneath and enhances the visual illusion of greater depth.

However, if it’s a powder room with less than 50 sf area, you might want to go for a pedestal sink instead.

small bathroom remodel ideas: Floating Vanities // Pedestal Sinks

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Oversized Mirrors: Mirrors play a key role in any bathroom, more so in a small bathroom since they reflect light and create a visual illusion of bigger space. When it comes to small bathroom remodel ideas, experts recommend using either an oversized mirror or a full-sized wall-to-wall mirror, depending on the layout of your bathroom.

small bathroom remodel ideas: use oversized mirrors

Open Shower with Glass Panel Door: When it comes to optimizing space in a small bathroom, it’s a great idea to use a barrier-free, open shower space with a glass panel door. Not only it save ample space (vis-a-vis bathtub), it also makes your small bathroom appears visually spacious, thanks to the continuous flow of the space.

small bathroom remodel ideas: Open Shower with Glass Panel Door

Open Shelving Storage Space: Storage is an essential component of every remodeled bathroom. A full-sized vanity offers ample storage space for your bathroom essentials. However, when it comes to small kitchens, storage space comes at a premium. What if you didn’t even have ample for a regular vanity? That’s why the open shelving storage space is one of the smart small bathroom remodel ideas out there. You can use the walls to create shelves or install hooks to create an easy access storage area.

small bathroom remodel ideas: Open Shelving Storage Space

Use Lights to Add Dimensions

small bathroom remodel ideas: Use Lights to Add Dimensions

Proper illumination is necessary to create an open and airy space in your bathroom, especially when it’s a small one. Since small bathrooms can’t have multiple windows (or any windows at all), using multiple light sources is a right way to creating perfect illumination. A variety of light sources including wall sconces, edge-lighted mirrors, and ceiling lights can help neutralize the shadows as well as create dimension.

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Focus on Layout and Design

small bathroom remodel ideas: Focus on Layout and Design

When it comes to small bathroom remodeling, the layout and design can be critical to its visual ambiance. In terms of design and layout, there are several things you can do to make your bathroom look larger. For example, you can highlight the longest wall in your bathroom for creating an illusion of a larger space. Likewise, you can use a small vanity if storage is not exactly your priority.

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas (Infographics)

Small bathroom remodel ideas infographics

Final Thoughts

Remodeling a small bathroom is a huge undertaking if you want to optimize every square footage without sacrificing the comfort, style, and functions. With the aforementioned small bathroom remodel ideas, you can strike the right balance between style and functionality.

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