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Slim Bathroom Cabinets: The Perfect Solutions for Tiny Bathroom Remodeling

Everybody fancies a great bathroom; however, only a few can afford the luxury of “extra space” for standard bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Slim Bathroom Cabinets, Narrow Bathroom Cabinets, Thin Bathroom Cabinets

Thankfully, bathroom cabinet manufacturers have come up with a number of solutions that fit the tiny bathroom space as well as the wallet.

One of those solutions is the slim bathroom cabinets. Some also call them narrow bathroom cabinets while others refer to them as thin bathroom cabinets. Regardless of the name, they do a great job of creating storage space in extremely bathrooms. Slim bathroom cabinets are generally 24” tall and 6” wide, meaning they’re narrow enough to fit inside most tiny bathrooms, next to the toilet or bathtub.

Being typically tall and slim, these bathroom cabinets usually have slide-out compartments to add extra surface area. They are just the right storage units for anything from tissue paper to toiletries to bathroom cleaners and more.

Slim Bathroom Cabinets, Narrow Bathroom Cabinets, Thin Bathroom Cabinets

Why Slim Bathroom Cabinets are Popular

#1 – They are Perfect for Small Bathrooms

Slim bathroom cabinets are perfect for tiny bathrooms that desperately need extra storage space. Being thin and narrow, these bathroom cabinets create just about enough storage space without making your bathroom look crammed.

#2 – Easy to Assemble/Put Together

Slim bathroom cabinets are available as RTA (ready to assemble) units, have pre-drilled holes, and are pretty easy to put together. You don’t really need any professional help to assemble these bathroom cabinets which explain why they are preferred by most homeowners.

#3 – Budget-friendly Storage Solutions

Bathroom vanities come in a wide range of prices, depending on the size, quality, and functionality of the storage units. For small bathrooms, however, it will suffice to have a slim vanity that offers ample storage for the necessary bathroom items (toiletries) without hurting your wallet. That’s exactly where a slim bathroom cabinet comes into the picture.

Slim Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

If you’re planning to invest in a slim vanity for your small bathroom remodel, take a look at the following examples for inspiration. Click on the images for a larger view.

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