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How to Style Your Shaker Style Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a hot favorite among homeowners these days. Not only do they offer functional vertical space for prepping your meals, but they also double up as a cozy dining space for the entire family to huddle around and share their day. However, the role of a kitchen island holds even more meaning to small kitchens where space may be inadequate for a standard island – they serve highly useful storage space, making it easy for small kitchens for storage space optimization. Apart from functionalities, kitchen cabinets anchor the entire kitchen decor and become a style statement.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you want can choose from a variety of kitchen island styles such as L-shaped, U-shape, Gallery, Circular, and Rolling. Likewise, you can add more elegance to your kitchen island by going for Shaker style cabinet doors and panels.

While Shaker style kitchen islands are a huge style statement, they also need some styling, accessories, and decoration. Let’s take a look at some of these styling ideas you can incorporate into your Shaker kitchen island.

Add a Little Greenery

if you want to make it more beautiful and inviting for guests, add a refreshing pop of green

Shaker style kitchen islands add a contemporary touch to your kitchen space. However, if you want to make it more beautiful and inviting for guests, add a refreshing pop of green, especially if the countertop is bright and white or any neutral color palette. Use a large decorative bowl filled with greenery to make your island more inviting. Just make sure the bowl is right in proportion in comparison to the size of the island. Apart from making the island look complete, this will offer a sense of comfort as well.

Less is More

use fewer styling accessories to make it look larger

Styling can vary depending on the size of the island and the color of the countertop. For example, if your Shaker style kitchen island is relatively smaller and has a dark countertop, you want to use fewer styling accessories to make it look larger. For example, you can use two place settings (rather than three) and plate and other decorative jars in a light color. This not only optimizes the contrast but makes the island look bigger.

Create a Point of Interest

use a book holder to showcase a cookbook that perfectly complements your overall kitchen decor

When it comes to styling a Shaker style kitchen island, both height and color play a huge role. If you want to create a point of interest on your countertop, use a book holder to showcase a cookbook that perfectly complements your overall kitchen decor. Likewise, you can display a small flower vase as well. The idea is to make your island look stylish and stand out, in a subtle way. Another way to create a point of interest in your kitchen island is by using opening shelving on one side of your island to show off your prized dinnerware and cookbooks.

Add Natural Texture and Warmth

If your Shaker kitchen island is fairly large, you want to use group accessories

Even as Shaker style kitchen island adds a great deal of minimalist elegance into your kitchen, you still need to dress it to create the right kind of mood. If your Shaker kitchen island is fairly large, you want to use group accessories — such as a potted plant and small jars — in order to add natural texture and warmth to your kitchen.

No-fuss, Simple Look

No-fuss, Simple Look

Styling a Shaker style kitchen island is fine, but what if your island countertop is too beautiful to hide? If the countertop is constructed from a material that looks beautiful on its own, there’s absolutely no need to overdo it. Just keep it simple and use modern and minimalist place settings such as glass stemware or rectangle plates to add a touch of elegance to your Shaker kitchen island.

Final Thoughts

Being the beautiful centerpiece, the Shaker style kitchen island is one of the most popular features in every modern kitchen. Not thinking through the styling or overdoing it can ruin your kitchen decor and make your kitchen island feel rather cumbersome. Let the aforementioned ideas help you come up with even more creative ideas for your kitchen remodeling project.

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