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How to Shop Online for RTA Shaker Cabinets: 4 Quick Tips and Tricks

The popularity of ready-to-assemble or RTA Shaker cabinets is going through the roof, thanks to their lower costs and quick lead time. Homeowners looking to remodel within a tight budget prefer order RTA cabinets online rather than paying higher prices for the same at a brick and mortar store.

RTA cabinetry is a highly competitive space and the prices of your RTA Shaker cabinets can vary depending on several factors. If you’re planning order cabinets online for your remodeling, make sure to do your homework and understand the different factors that could help you reduce the costs of your RTA cabinet orders. Here are some tricks to walk you through the process and help you get a better deal.

Compare the Products from Different Dealers

Many RTA dealers sell the same products under the same name and even the same product code. When looking for Shaker style cabinets online, try to compare their specifications and prices to determine the best deal for you. Be sure to compare the products from aspects such as dimensions, door style, box construction, drawer slide, and door hinge mechanism.

Focus on Dealer Performance

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, it’s the prices and quality of products that matter to the consumers. Remember this while shopping for RTA Shaker cabinets. Not every online store needs to be big and have a production facility or warehouse.

Small-scale retailers can offer the same products at lower prices than a bigger brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, the only thing you should focus on their website interface, product warranty, and prices.

Dealer Performance Matters

The best way to determine a dealer’s performance is to look at their customer service and customer testimonials. Some customers would even agree to buy from a particular retailer offering a higher price if their performance is better. What makes a dealer’s offer particularly compelling is their ability to offer a price-match guarantee.

Depending on the volume of your order, some dealers may agree to offer you a special rate for your RTA Shaker cabinets.

Order in Bulk to Reduce Shipping Costs

When shopping for RTA Shaker cabinets online, and comparing prices of different retailers, always be sure to take the shipping cost into account. Depending on several factors such as the high logistics costs, sometimes, the shipping cost can surpass the price of the product itself.

Don’t just go by the advertised price alone — calculate the total cost of your orders after including the shipping charges. Almost every retailer will charge less shipping cost when you order cabinets in bulk. Therefore, you should try to order cabinets for the entire kitchen at once rather than purchasing them individually.

Final Thoughts

The difference between ordering RTA Shaker cabinets usually and pre-assembled Shaker cabinets is the shipping cost. Since RTA cabinets are shipping in flat packs, they consume less space, resulting in lower logistics costs for the retailer.

Plus, since you assemble the cabinets yourself, you save a quite a bit on labor charges as well. If you do your research well enough, you will walk away with great deals and save as much as 30 percent on your orders.

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