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How to Create a Practical Kitchen Design: A Handy Guide

The definition of a “practical kitchen” differs from person to person. The kitchen designs you see on glossy upmarket magazines may not the most practical for most middle-class homeowners. Likewise, a simple kitchen with light fixture may not be enough for a professional chef. The point is there’s no absolutely perfect practical kitchen as such — it may vary based on one’s tastes and needs. In this post, let’s talk about how to strike an ideal balance between style and functionality while remodeling your kitchen or building a new one from scratch.

How to Design a Practical Kitchen

Even as kitchen style and functionality different from person to person, experts suggest a few things about making every kitchen practical. Those elements are Drawer Bases and Pull-out Trash Units.

Drawer base cabinets, especially featuring a three-drawer stack, allow you to store your utensils and silverware. To make it practical, make sure the top drawer allows you to store the quickly accessible and small items such as for regular cooking and dining. Similarly, the larger drawers (located at the bottom) accommodate your pots and pans.

The pull-out trash cabinets, on the other hand, should accommodate two bins — one for trash and the other for recycling. Apart from easy trash disposal, the pull-out trash cabinets keep kitchen waste management easy and practical on a daily basis.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring

Practical Kitchen Sinks

If you tend to cook for a large family at home fairly regularly, you might want to pay special attention the “Kitchen Triangle”, a design philosophy that makes your kitchen layout practical and prep more efficient. Having your stove, sink and refrigerator positioned in an ideal distance from one another, helps you move between them easily.

If you have a larger kitchen area, you might also want to have a second sink for the large pots and pans and other messy dishes.

Functional Family Kitchens

If you have kids, you should design the kitchen to make them child-friendly. This essentially means installing safety locks on cabinets and drawers to prevent the kids from accessing sharp objects such as kitchen knives.

Likewise, you might want to install a kitchen island to provide an easy and convenient place for your kids to grab a quick snack while you’re busy in the kitchen.

Practical Kitchen Countertops

inset shaker cabinets with Wooden countertops

A practical kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you need to compromise on style at all. While the door and drawer fronts influence your kitchen design a great extent, the countertops and backsplashes play an equally significant role in shaping your kitchen style.

There are various types of countertops to choose from when it comes to quality and durability. However, quartz comes highly recommended for its lasting sturdiness as well as resistance to heat and scratches. Plus, it doesn’t usually need a sealer treatment like many other types of countertops. As for the style, quartz is also available in a wide range of colors to complement any kitchen style.

Regardless of their size, most kitchens struggle with storage as the new items such as appliances enter the kitchen. You want to make sure the chef has easy access to the most frequently used tools. Therefore, they need to be easily accessible without sacrificing the style quotient of the kitchen. For example, you can keep the cooking tools such as spatulas and turners in decorative jars or pitchers for a farmhouse feeling. Likewise, the pots and pans can be hung on a pegboard or rod from the ceiling.

How Practical is a White Kitchen?

A white kitchen is actually a great idea for creating a luxurious vibe and evoking cool elegance. Being a foundation neutral, it allows all other kitchen elements to pop, offering a rich visual contrast against a white backdrop. By combining white cabinets with contrasting countertops and backsplashes, you can create a captivating aura in your kitchen. Contrary to popular opinion, white kitchens aren’t actually any more challenging to maintain than the other kitchens. Plus, if you know how to choose the right materials, you can actually minimize maintenance to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

Being the heart of the home, the kitchen needs blend style, functionality, and practicality in equal proportion. It’s not just a place where you eat; it’s a place where you meet and share life and have fun. Plus, it’s a long-term investment. Therefore, it’s better be the one that’s tweaked to your taste.

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