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Modern vs. Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen: Which One is Good for Me?

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to learn about the various styles of kitchens and how cabinets play an important role in the process. Many homeowners waste their precious time browsing different kitchen photos and ideabooks on Houzz.com with little knowledge about how to narrow their search based on their preferred kitchen. In this post, we will talk about three different kitchen styles and how you should choose kitchen cabinets to pursue specific kitchen decor.

Modern Kitchens

According to HGTV, modern kitchens are generally considered less traditional and more contemporary in style. Historically, the modern design started way back around World War 1 when flat surfaces, geometric forms and, little ornamentation were the norm. Today, modern design has evolved and it includes bold angles and curves in the design scheme.

modern kitchen shaker cabinets
Modern kitchen with shaker cabinets

According to Houzz.com, a modern kitchen must include the following 8 elements.

#1 – Flat-panel Door Style

#2 – Frameless, full-overlay Cabinet Construction

#3 – Sleek Simple Hardware

#4 – Lack of Ornamentation

#5 – Reliance on Natural Materials

#6 – Emphasis on Horizontal Lines

#7 – Consistency in Accent Pieces

#8 – Industrial Elements

In short, modern kitchens focus on a clean line, minimalist design, and efficiency. Condos and small kitchens usually incorporate this kind of kitchen style although larger kitchen space can also embrace the same.

Traditional Kitchens

Contrary to modern kitchen style, traditional kitchens tend to have an ornamental, timeless and elegant sophistication at its core. For example, traditional kitchens tend to use particular types of cabinet accessories such as crown molding, posts, and valances that are not usually found in modern or contemporary kitchens. Moreover, these kitchens also use wood cabinets with granite countertops along with wooden flooring to achieve the desired effects.

traditional shaker style kitchen
Traditional shaker style kitchen

Here are some elements commonly found in traditional kitchens:

#1 – Natural Materials

#2 – Raised or Recessed Cabinetry

#3 – Classic Stains and Colors

#4 – Crown Molding

#5 – Natural Flooring

#6 – Custom Range Hoods

#7 – Decorative Lighting

If you want to add a hint of classic design elements and architectural features to your kitchen remodeling, traditional kitchen style is the right one for you.

Transitional Kitchens

As the name suggests, transitional kitchen design is the sweet spot between the modern kitchen and classic kitchen. With clean lines of the modern kitchen, and warmth of the traditional kitchen, the transitional kitchen design offers the best of both worlds.

transitional kitchen white shaker cabinets
transitional kitchen with white shaker cabinets

According to the Huffington Post, the following elements define transitional kitchen design.

#1 – Mix of Natural and Manufactured Materials

#2 – A Neutral Palette

#3 – Lots of Texture for Visual Interest

#4 – Streamlined Cabinetry (No Intricate Carving)

#5 – Simple Accents and Backsplashes

#6 – Traditional, Industrial or Modern Lighting

In order to incorporate a hint of traditional kitchen style, transitional kitchens may use a hint of embellishments such as millwork, corbels or crown molding with very little embellishments.

Conceiving the right kitchen remodeling project requires a decent understanding of different styles of kitchen decor. This can considerably reduce your time to decide on the elements you want to incorporate and the style you want to achieve in your kitchen. Moreover, it helps you to estimate the kitchen renovation budget and find the right kitchen cabinets as well.

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