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13 Quick Tips to Maximize Your Kitchen Counter Space

Your kitchen size and kitchen countertop size will be in proportion with the size of your house. But whether you live in a tiny walk-up apartment, a rent controlled apartment, a brownstone and so on, your kitchen countertop space may appear inadequate to meet your needs.

The reason why your kitchen counter space appears inadequate is that there is clutter on it. We’ll share a few kitchen counter space hacks to help you maximize your kitchen counter space.

Take Everything Off of Your Counter

It’s about clever tricks and developing habits that help. One such habit is to leave as few items on your countertop as possible. No file folders or laptop chargers need to be on the kitchen counters. Neither should car keys nor wine bottles from last evening’s parties be left overnight on the kitchen counter.

Everything should be transferred to its properly designated place inside cabinets, drawers, or on shelves.

Have Kitchen Wine Racks and Cellars

If you like drinking wine with your spouse or have occasional or frequent wine parties with a few buddies, you can have a wine cellar hidden right inside a kitchen island. And you have amazing options for kitchen countertop wine racks in ‘rustic’ and other designs. You can even DIY wine racks.

Put Things in Kitchen Containers

Leftover dry spices, condiments, tea bags are among the things that should not be left on the counter loose. It’s nice to have kitchen odds and ends to meet your needs but make sure there is no loose stuff just lying on your counter by putting them in a designated area meant for them.

It can be as simple as using a mixing bowl or a coffee mug to store some leftover cooking ingredient which doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Kitchen Shelving Helps Save Space

Open kitchen shelving goes a long way to improve your kitchen’s appearance and it also helps you keep your counter space clean. Open shelving is more about function than about design. If you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, you can convert a spare kitchen wall into shelves that will serve as an open pantry. You can add open shelving above the kitchen sink to store dish soaps, scrub pads, etc.

Open kitchen shelves are also easily re-designed or updated so that you can give your kitchen a fresh look every year or every couple of years without having to break the bank.

Kitchen Storage Trays

Kitchen trays can help you tidy up your kitchen counters. Trays beat shelves as trays can be mobile. You can use the stuff in a tray and then when not in use, you can move the whole tray away.

Trays are really versatile and come in a variety of styles to meet all sorts of needs.

Kitchen Wall Appliances

Putting your microwave on the counter is one sure way to reduce the usable counter space available to you. You can easily move this appliance to the kitchen wall. It doesn’t require much or expensive carpentry and while you are at it, you may even think of putting a wine cooler or oven or grill or coffee machine onto a kitchen wall.

You can also get creative such as buying your appliances from one manufacturer and then setting them up on a wall. This way, you may achieve symmetrical and quite elegant look if the control panels and knobs, handles and doors align.

Kitchen Dish Racks

Doing the dishes can mess up the area around the sink. Dish racks are a great solution for holding and organizing your dishes. Dish racks and towel racks will keep your countertop area from turning into a mess as well as helping maintain a healthy environment inside your kitchen by not letting bacteria grow.

Racks are really useful inside kitchens. You can use retractable racks inside one of the cabinets as well to organize your pots and pans.


Hooks are a multipurpose solution to organize your kitchen stuff and keep your counter free from clutter. Hooks can be installed in different places and you can hang different pots and pans from them.

Side hooks inside your cabinet doors can be great to store your smaller kitchen utensils.

Repurpose Kitchen Sink Space

The sink and its surrounding space remain unused when the sink is not in use. You can use the sink area by covering it with a cutting board and proceed to cut vegetables there without having to use the other counter space. This can be pretty handy if your kitchen or counter area is especially limited.

Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are a great option as kitchen islands. They can be used to move food around. They can also have shelving to store things. They can do double duty as a table to store things temporarily. In all these ways, they help keep your kitchen counter clutter free.

Kitchen carts come in a variety of materials such as wood, bamboo, granite, marble, stainless steel and so on and you can choose one that matches the rest of your kitchen.

Kitchen Pegboards

Kitchen pegboards are a great way to get those cooking utensils and pots off of your kitchen counter. You can even go for DIY kitchen pegboards or just order them online.

Kitchen Tables

Kitchen tables can be useful inside the kitchen but they can also ‘get in the way.’ You can definitely put a kitchen table to good use by transferring some of the stuff from your counter to it. Go for kitchen tables that are adjustable in size or foldable or those that have wheels.

Kitchen Organization

Your kitchen counter will look spacious or otherwise depending on how organized the rest of your kitchen is. So, you can pay attention to the organization of your kitchen as a whole. For more ideas about how to free up more kitchen counter space, you can have a look at other kitchens — by just browsing online or paying attention to the kitchens of your friends who may be obsessive about organizing things.

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