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5 Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas to Optimize Storage and Boost Productivity

Organizing kitchen pantry is one of the most important things you want to do as a part of your kitchen remodeling project. Optimizing space of your existing pantry cabinets helps you find the items quickly, which, in turn, reduces your cooking process further.

Here are five such kitchen pantry organization ideas to help you organize your kitchen pantry cabinets better and make the most of your available storage space.

Use Clear Storage Containers

The first and foremost rule of pantry organization is to get rid of the fancy packaging and store your grocery items in clear storage containers such as glass jars. Groceries such as flour, seeds and nuts look great in glass jars. Plus, they make your pantry look neat and tidy.

kitchen pantry organization ideas

Even better, make them instantly recognizable by using labels for which you can either use simple paint pens or small index cards as shown in the image above.

Install Door Storage

kitchen pantry organization ideas

The inside of a pantry cabinet door offers plenty of storage space for the creative homeowners. You can follow this DIY project to create handy storage space inside the doors for lightweight items like spices, aluminum foil and cooking tools. Make sure the door is sturdy enough and has ample clearance from the shelves.

Group Similar Items

kitchen pantry organization ideas

Apart from storage space optimization, the other objective of pantry storage organization is to spot a grocery item quickly. This is exactly why you should group similar items together. First of all, always use transparent containers so you could easily see the items at the back of the shelves. Try to group similar items together in order to find locate them easily when you’re in a hurry. For example, grouping items like tea bags, soup cans, and nut butter make perfect sense if you tend to use them together. It all depends on your cooking preferences though. Moreover, make sure to use labels on your containers — it’s super helpful.

Install a Pegboard

kitchen pantry organization ideas

Pegboard is a very useful tool when it comes to kitchen remodeling. From utensils to cleaning tools, nearly every item in your kitchen can find accommodation in a pegboard. What’s more, they not only save space but also keep all items organized. Needless to say, pegboards are also a great supplement to any kitchen pantry storage solution. They can also be used inside of your pantry door, as explained earlier in this guide.

Install Open Shelving

If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have enough space for dedicated pantry cabinets, open shelvings can be an effective alternative. Make sure you choose the colors carefully in order to create the right feel and complement the kitchen decor. Plus, you want to use matching jars, baskets, and bins for your pantry items in order to enhance the aesthetics.

kitchen pantry organization ideas

Final Thoughts

When not organized properly, kitchen pantry can be a chaotic place, making it hard for you to locate your items. With the above kitchen pantry organization ideas, you should be able to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen pantry, resulting in better productivity in your kitchen.


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