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A Comprehensive Guide to Various Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The visual space in our kitchens is controlled mainly by our cabinets. Because of this, it is vital that we get a cabinet design which suits the content of the kitchen.

The classification of the kitchen cabinets are in two distinct groups, these are the American and the European styles respectively. These classifications come with, different styles for the cabinets, such as shaker style, raised panels, louvered, glass, thermofoil, beadboard, melamine and even painted. The most common ones include the shaker, the raised panel, and the thermofoil.

American Style Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with American Style Cabinet Doors
Kitchen with American Style Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

The American style cabinet doors are made majorly of hardwood, or plywood and medium density fibreboard (MDF). This style contains the most varieties when we talk of styles. Also, the style has more options when we take the finish into account. The American styled cabinet is either stained or painted.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
Raised Panel Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

There are several models of cabinets similar to the raised Panel Cabinet; many of them have only a few differences in the pronounced structures in the middle. While many of them can easily have a flat surface, others have more levels/steps for a more elaborate or beautiful appearance. Their beautiful arches and quirky patterns make them a popular option for kitchen cabinets and even bathroom vanities.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker Cabinet Doors
Shaker Cabinet Doors

The Shaker cabinet doors are very popular among users for their versatility. It has different types of wood, paints, and varnishes which make it popular. Most of the shaker style cabinets consist of five pieces of wood, about four creates a frame, while the door uses the last at the center.

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

Beadboard Cabinet Doors
Beadboard Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

The Beadboard cabinet got its name from being like panels of bead boards. These are materials used in the past to beautify walls before painting and plastering became as common as it is. The Beadboard cabinet style looks like cottage cabinets from time past and is ideal for interiors of informal buildings (like farmhouses). Cleaning may be complicated because of some difficult surfaces such as the central panel curve. The Beadboard cabinet doors was designed as a result of the meshing of strips of tongue and groove.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with Glass Cabinet Doors
Kitchen with Glass Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

Because of the cost for which a quality glass will be fixed on a frame, this Glass Cabinet Doors may be quite expensive. But the good thing is that it is a good alternative for the various interiors. These glass cabinet Doors are mostly useful in kitchens that are small and lacks depth. You may also use them to improve your decoration, since been glass, they provide visibility which allows the cabinet to be seen through. If this option appeals to you, you may consider using it to flaunt any of your special hardware, but be sure to keep it clean.

Louvered Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with Louvered Cabinet Doors
Kitchen with Louvered Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

These are sophisticated kitchen doors which style is made of some horizontal wooden slats. These louvered cabinets are ideal for small kitchens since its horizontal lines make the kitchen look larger and even more spacious. The spaces between the slats provide ventilation for your drying dishes. The louvered design is suitable for homeowners looking for an aesthetic and functional style.

European Style Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with European Style Cabinet Doors
Kitchen with European Style Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

These are flat cabinet doors which are simple. Having no decorations, but for the materials with which they were made. They are simple, yet they harmonize with the glamorous or seamless design of the contemporary or modern kitchen. Majorly made of wood, they may also be made from materials such as MDF. And the MDF materials are suitable for a wide variety of styles. Unlike the American cabinets, the European cabinets are only different in how they are finished. These include the thermofoil, melamine, and lacquer/paint.

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

Kitchen with Thermofoil Cabinet Doors
Kitchen with Thermofoil Cabinet Doors | Courtesy: Pinterest

The Thermofoil cabinet doors are made from MDF, and these are materials coated in plastic coatings, and sealed through heat. These materials are very durable; however, they may be difficult to fix when they get damaged. Depending on quality, they may not be too good with the passage of time and may even discolor and turn yellowish. Its significant advantage, however, is that it comes in a wide variety and is stain resistant. It also has a smooth, consistent color.

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