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5 Nifty Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens with Large Appliances

The average kitchen size in the United States has swelled to roughly 200 square feet over the past few decades. However, many homeowners still find their kitchens “too small” for their growing needs. More often than not, their kitchen appears cluttered with little storage space for their utensils and appliances. Plus, unlike the yesteryears, the modern households tend to hang out at their kitchen, which requires their kitchen to be “extra large”. Regardless of the available kitchen size and storage space, it will never be enough unless your kitchen cabinets are functional enough.

In this guide, let’s talk about some unique kitchen cabinet storage ideas to maximize your kitchen cabinet storage space for a larger and more functional kitchen layout.

Install Kitchen Cabinet Pocket Doors

Storing large kitchen appliances is one of the daunting challenges in a small kitchen. From microwaves to toaster ovens to bread boxes, there is a slew of kitchen appliances that take up space in your kitchen even when they are not in use.

So, how do you tackle this problem?

kitchen cabinet pocket doors
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Kitchen cabinet pocket doors and drawers are some of the nifty solutions for hiding away large appliances in small kitchens. Simply slide open the doors or drawers and slide them back in after you’re using the appliances. Not only do they keep the kitchen look sleek, clutter-free and minimalist but allow for free movement of traffic as well.

Divide and Conquer The Storage Problem

When you store all types of utensils – cooking pans, serving platters, and baking dishes – all in one door or drawer cabinet compartment, their retrieval becomes hard. One of the most effective kitchen cabinet storage ideas, in this case, to use dividers and organizers to create dedicated slots according to the size of your pots and pans.

slide out kitchen drawers with organizers
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Whether you’re buying RTA kitchen cabinets or ordering some custom kitchen cabinets online, always consider measuring the dimension of your largest pot and its lid to ensure your door base or drawer base cabinet is deep enough accommodate them all.

Get Creative with Kitchen Cabinet Storage Hacks

Sometimes, the most innovative kitchen cabinet storage ideas and inspirations can come from uncommon places. Take look around your kitchen layout and get creative with kitchen cabinet storage hacks. In some cases, you may have to remodel the existing cabinets to match your needs but the investment will be worth it.

kitchen cabinet storage hacks
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Consider this cabinet drawer storage solution in your kitchen. Not only does it offer a great place to sit by the kitchen window but it offers easy and quick access to bulk groceries and other stuff you might want to use occasionally.

Use Pull-out Trash Cabinets Under the Sink

In many kitchens, the storage space below the kitchen sink lies underused and wasted. In most cases, it contains cleaning supplies, trash bags, and other recycling bins. This not only looks messy but ruins the functionality of your kitchen significantly.

Pull-out Trash Cabinets
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One of the most practical kitchen cabinet storage ideas is using pull-out trash cabinets and conceal them without wasting the precious storage space. These pull-out trash cabinets easily slide out of your base cabinet and offer easy access to your recycling tools, helping you to keep your recycle kitchen waste easily.

Maximize Kitchen Corner Storage Space

Installing Lazy Susan wall corner cabinets are an effective way to maximize your kitchen corner storage and store bowls, pots, and pans, and neatly stack them in your base cabinet.

spice rack base cabinet

Likewise, install pullout pantry cabinet and pullout spice rack cabinets to bring your kitchen staples into full view simply by sliding them out.

The aforementioned kitchen cabinet storage ideas are just some of the ways you can maximize the available storage space in your kitchen. However, if you put your thinking cap on, you will find numerous other ways to create storage out of the available kitchen layout. From installing pot rack above your island to creating storage space above your wall cabinets, you can easily make find enough room without sacrificing style and functionality.

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