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10 Kitchen Design Trends Every Kitchen Remodel Specialist Should Follow in 2019

When you are redesigning your kitchen, you want to follow the modern kitchen design trends while still staying true to yourself and your particular taste. You also want it to be a kitchen you will enjoy for many years to come. Most importantly, it needs to be within your budget. Kind of a lot to think about! But no worries, here at Maplevilles, we have your back every step of the way. Below we are going to list the ten kitchen design trends we have noticed to be strongest, how to go about recreating them, and what particular aesthetic it speaks to. We think you may really enjoy them.

Greeting Gray

Gray is a color that has made a resurgence throughout the home in the past few years, but it has been a very popular color in the kitchen. What’s great about gray is that it can be warm, it can be cool, and it is always relaxing, whether it’s the color of the paint on the walls and/or cabinets. It also looks great with either stainless steel appliances and wooden floors. No matter what style you are interested in replicating, gray is a wonderful way to bring balance and cohesion to your kitchen.

grey cabinets with stainless steel appliances and wooden floors
Courtesy: Pinterest

Intense Functionality and Accessibility

Currently, everyone wants a kitchen that is sleek in appearance, yet offers an immense amount of storage. Kitchen remodel specialists and designers have taken this into consideration, and one of the biggest kitchen design trends this year is modern functionality. Cabinet doors that open with the use of hydraulics, motion-sensor lights, multi-tiered drawers, and touch-free faucets are some of the biggest kitchen design trends in this category.

kitchen cabinets with hydraulics
Courtesy: Pinterest

Super Star Sinks

It may sound silly at first, but homeowners who are redesigning a kitchen are looking at the sink to be the unexpected highlight of the kitchen. There are a variety of sink trends this year, such as those with a deep trough design, making cleaning up large pans and dishes a breeze. Also, particularly in kitchens that have neutral and muted tones, a brightly colored sink has become a very popular feature. In a room with a bare amount of coloring, a bright green sink will clearly stand out! In addition, faucet designs with crisp, architectural lines are huge right now.

inset Shaker cabinets with brightly colored sink
Courtesy: Pinterest

Mixed Media Countertops

While certain beautiful countertops are always in style, such as granite, quartz, and laminate, a newer trend taking over kitchens across the country this year is mixed media countertops, so to speak. Wooden countertops are making a rustic and popular appearance in many kitchens, and mix this with a part wood, part granite marble kitchen island, and you have a modern and unique kitchen centerpiece.

inset shaker cabinets with Wooden countertops

Bringing a Dash of Work to the Kitchen

For a lot of kitchens, people are doing away with the traditional kitchen table and instead opting for a work station. This is probably not a bizarre concept to many of us, and now kitchen designers are taking advantage of this growing habit and helping homeowners create a work station in their kitchen, complete with space for your laptop, files, and of course, a docking station to charge and rest your assorted electronics.

create a work station in kitchen
Courtesy: Pinterest

Oversized Fixtures

For a kitchen that is on the more muted side, a great way to add a bit of modern excitement is with oversized fixtures. This is most commonly seen with lighting. An oversized lighting fixture adds a dramatic wow factor and can match any aesthetic that you have already cultivated in your kitchen, whether it’s modern, country, rustic, farmhouse, etc.

inset Shaker cabinets with Oversized lighting Fixtures
Courtesy: Pinterest

High Contrast for an Unexpected Thrill

One of the strongest kitchen design trends this year is the surprising juxtaposition between colors and hardware. For example, we’ve seen a lot of stark white cabinets, cool stainless steel trough sinks, black granite countertops, and warm wooden floors. It’s a welcoming take on modern kitchen design that should be sticking around for a while.

shaker cabinets with black granite countertops
Courtesy: Pinterest

Different Bursts of the Same Pattern

Imagine you have a bright, patterned tile backsplash on the wall above your sink. Now imagine it replicated, seemingly randomly, on an opposite wall, surrounding the kitchen window. This is an emerging kitchen design trend in 2018 that homeowners are really enjoying. It allows you to add an unexpected burst of color, texture, and pattern while continuing a general theme in the room.

shaker cabinets with patterned tile backsplash
Courtesy: Pinterest

Nordic Resurgence

A popular kitchen design trend in the 1960s, the Nordic aesthetic was all about muted tones and minimal design. This is definitely making a comeback this year, with muted colors, light walnut wood accents, and a major lack of clutter. The Nordic look balances cool and breezy, modern, and throw-back all in one kitchen.

shaker cabinets with nordic look

Rustic Metal Range Hoods

Shiny, oversized metal range hoods are popping up all over kitchens this year. What’s great about this look is that if you have a kitchen that is all basically one tone, an oversized range hood made of metal hanging above your oven will add a much-needed rustic touch and a dash of unexpected whimsy.

shaker cabinets with Rustic Metal Range Hoods Courtesy: Pinterest

Maplevilles, we always offer our customers exceptional service with our superior products. We also have a full-service design team that can help you transform your kitchen into your dream space. Not only are our designers on top of their game in terms of what is most desirable right now, but our installation team will put it together for you, so you will be all ready to start enjoying your new kitchen with no hassle! No matter what your personal style is or what kind of budget you have to work with, we are with you every step of the way. Stop by our showroom in El Monte to check out our products and services, and to find out more information.

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Five Tips to Make RTA Cabinet Installation Go Smoothly

Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets are a wonderful way to update your kitchen with a new and beautiful style. The perfect option for those looking to “do it yourself”, RTA cabinets are an achievable project, providing some challenge, but producing a very satisfying result. To make sure that this adventure in DIY goes well for you, follow our top 5 tips to make RTA cabinet installation go smoothly:

Prepare the Space and Give Yourself Time

Before you break out your newly purchased RTA cabinets and begin to tinker and put them together, make sure you’re ready to work. You’ll need to remove your old kitchen cabinets or any furniture in the workspace with the exception of items such as the stove or refrigerator. Then, ensure that you have some time staked out so that you can dedicate yourself to the project. Nothing is more frustrating than getting halfway through your plans, and discovering you need to attend to something else. Give yourself time for each step of the work, even if it means dividing it over a few days.

Plan, Measure and Then Measure Again

The best installations are well-planned and measured. Consider drawing on your walls to show yourself exactly where each cabinet will go, what measurements it will have and how the set will appear. Then, assign a number to each cabinet in your plans and also write this on your RTA cabinet packaging. This will make installation as easy as putting together a simple jigsaw puzzle.

Account for Fillers and Panels

Because RTA cabinets are not custom made, your kitchen’s unique measurements may require you to add in some filler space in the form of panels. Make sure you account for this in your plans. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a gap between your last cabinet and your stove, or run out of space for the last set of drawers when you reach the wall. This is why you should check your measurements twice and plan well. It’s much easier to draw up your plans twice than it is to install and then uninstall. Strategically place your fillers and panels to avoid this trouble.

Get Everything Together

You’ll need some basic tools to perform the installation. Although the cabinets come largely ready to go without much fuss, you’ll require a drill in order to hang and secure the cabinets. In addition, you’ll need a level, your tape measure, pencil, screws, a hammer, sandpaper, and a step ladder. You’ll also want some wood carpenter shims to level up your cabinets should there be any uneven portions of your floor or ceiling. This will ensure a uniform look and straight line for your countertop and the base of your hanging cabinets.

Get Started with Patience

Finally, it’s time to get started. Our tip for you here is that you go slow, and take it one step at a time, giving yourself plenty of time to triple check your plans and measurements as you go. Begin by forming the boxes of your cabinets and begin installation on a corner. There are various schools of thought regarding whether you should do the bottom row or top row first. If you perform the bottom cabinets first, you’ll have a countertop and tablespace to use while working on your second row. However, you’ll be hunching and leaning over the counter to get at the back wall. So, it’s up to you.

We hope these tips help the installation of your RTA cabinets run very smoothly and produce stunning results. Tell us what you learned in your RTA cabinet installation in the comments below!

For a wide selection of quality and stylish RTA cabinets, contact Maplevilles at 310-212-3321.

What is the Maplevilles Difference?

Maplevilles is proud to say that all of its RTA cabinets are made out of plywood. Not MDF, or pseudo-plywood that has an MDF center. They are 100%  hard plywood, making them the highest quality RTA cabinets you can buy.

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In addition to the superior cabinets and features we provide, we are also there to help you choose the exact cabinet that will fit your home.

We offer design services where our team will help create, and suggest designs based on the cabinet styles and colors you are interested in. We use examples of our own kitchens that we have made using our products but also reference other kitchens to help you maximize the design options you can choose from, all of which we can accommodate.

We offer superior products and services, but we also have superior prices. We guarantee that you will not be able to find an RTA cabinet company that offers the same quality cabinets as Maplevilles, as well as the services we provide, for a better price.

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COVID-19 Update (1/7/21): We are temporarily suspending returns and exchanges until further notice. Please click here for more information.