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8 Corner Cabinets Ideas to Fix the Blind Kitchen Corners

With the remote and blind corners being hard to reach, corner cabinets are some of the most of dreaded cabinets in kitchens. Indeed, the lack of accessibility makes them one of the least frequented spots in the entire kitchen. It’s no wonder then why you will find more of the unwanted and rarely used kitchen items find themselves at the back of corner cabinets in almost every kitchen.

Corner Cabinets Ideas
You Don’t Want to Do This, Do You?

But it doesn’t have to be this way — blind storage corners can be as valuable, functional and accessible as any other storage in the kitchen cabinetry if you incorporate the following corner cabinets ideas.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #1: Use Kitchen Corners to Install Wall Oven

Don’t be scared of the kitchen corners. Just because they are corners doesn’t mean that you should necessarily install a cabinet there. Here’s a better idea — install an electric wall oven in the kitchen corner instead.

Corner Cabinets Ideas
Use Kitchen Corners to Install Wall Oven

This cabinet idea combines building in the cooking equipment whether it be double ovens, oven plus microwave or even a stove extractor hood. Either way, these have to be fitted, hiding that corner and throwing in a few cabinets simultaneously.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #2: Use Blind Corner Pullouts

Gone are the days when circular Lazy Susans used to be the only effective solution to deal with blind corners in base kitchen cabinets. Thanks to the cutting-edge innovation in the kitchen cabinetry industry, today, we have many effective alternatives to choose from.

Corner Cabinets Ideas

Blind corner pullouts are some of the popular solutions when it comes to dealing with tricky kitchen corners. When closed, they look very tidy and blend in.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #3: Use Swing-Out Corner Cabinets

There is much to be said for swing-out corner cabinets. They offer full space while having easily assessable fixed wire shelves. These corner units are exceptionally useful for bottles, preserves, jams, etc., all of which need easy viewing access.

Corner Cabinets Ideas

The picture above shows just how versatile these units are. What’s more, they can be made to match your existing cabinet doors exactly. They maximize storage space whilst not impeding the opening of the adjacent cabinet doors. This cabinet is easy to clean as well as reaching it is not a problem.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #4: Diagonal Corner Sink Base Cabinet

Diagonal corner sink cabinets are a great alternative to Lazy Susan kitchen cabinets. Unlike the classic, round Lazy Susan cabinet which suffers from narrow doors, the doors of these diagonal corner sink base cabinets are fairly wide, offering full access to the remote corners.

Corner Cabinets Ideas
Diagonal Corner Sink Base Cabinet

Corner Cabinets Ideas #5: Classic Lazy Susan Cabinets

The classic Lazy Susan cabinets are the best friend of blind corners and they have always been the standard go-out approach to solve kitchen corner challenges.

corner cabinets ideas
Classic Lazy Susan Cabinets

At Maplevilles, we have different types of Lazy Susan cabinets — Lazy Susan with two turntables, Lazy Susan with one drawer and one turntable and Lazy Susan with three drawers.

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Corner Cabinets Ideas #6: Curved Door Corner Cabinets

The curved door cabinets, while being very attractive, increase the corner space without any noticeable oddities. They actually increase shelf space while not intruding into the kitchen.

Corner Cabinets Ideas
Curved Door Corner Cabinets

Having curved cabinet doors as above is not only attractive but enables easy access by opening these doors in the middle, taking up less space when open as well. These cabinets can have round revolving shelves or simple plain shelves as it is easy to view the contents. Handy to have near the cooking top, a spice rack could easily be fitted to the inside of the door, giving access to all the spices, herbs and seasonings needed for cooking and, it’s close by.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #7: The Hexagonal Approach

Should you have a large kitchen where space is no object, you can play around a little more. We have all heard of a hexagon which is a six-sided figure having no corners as such, each angle being in excess of 90 degrees, rather like the picture below.

corner cabinets ideas
The Hexagonal Approach

This allows you to do away with corner cabinets completely even if a little space is wasted.

Corner Cabinets Ideas #8: Curved Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to the blind corner cabinet this kitchen has all the cabinets rounded finishing off with all rounded corners, and looks great. You just need the space as it is space grabbing, but if you have it, why not use it?

Corner Cabinets Ideas

The difference in the curved cabinets here, as opposed to the blind corner cabinets, is that the doors curve inwards thus saving space whilst at the same time incorporating the sinks underneath. The black trim really suits and the matching table or working surface top blends in so well. Notice the cabinets over and under the double oven. Lots of pots and pans storage here. Also, the glass-fronted cabinet doors really give it that decadent look.

Don’t Fight Kitchen Corners, Embrace Them

Hopefully, with these corner cabinet ideas, you will be able to embrace the dark and dingy corner of your kitchen rather than fight it. There is always a way to enhance a corner whether the kitchen is large and lofty or small where you definitely need to save space. Kitchen corners, besides seemingly difficult to fill, can actually become a feature in your kitchen.

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