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9 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Cooking in a small kitchen can be stress-inducing if there is clutter in it. If random stuff is stored on the countertop, you may spill some things or you may even hurt yourself while chopping veggies if you are trying to get things done in a hurry.

Small kitchens and apartment living is a reality for millions. Luckily, you need not wait to move into your dream home with a luxurious and spacious kitchen to improve your cooking experience. You can add some smart storage space to your existing small kitchen to immediately improve your kitchen experience. So, check out these clever storage ideas for small kitchens.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Inside Cabinets

Cabinets are the mainstay of kitchen storage in kitchens of any size. You can make the most of them by using pan dividers, risers, and rolling shelves inside your cabinets. These will increase organization inside your cabinets so that you don’t risk having an ‘avalanche’ of lids when you open your cabinet door.

Here are a few specific ways you can increase your storage space inside your cabinets by just making the most of what you have.

Pullout Shelving: To make sure you actually use your cabinets to their full capacity, you can do no better than to install pullout shelving. Pullout shelving will make objects at the far back of the cabinet accessible. Pullout shelving is also advisable if the kitchen is going to be used by someone with a lower back problem. With a pullout shelf, you won’t have to bend so much. Even if you don’t have a back problem, you don’t want to develop a chronic back problem by bending constantly to retrieve items from the cabinet.

To keep your kitchen storage organized and easy to access, try adding a pullout shelf to your cabinets.

Bottom cabinets equipped with pullout shelves are particularly appropriate to store heavy kitchen items such as pots and pan.

Rollout Trash Bin: A rollout trash bin is both a functional and aesthetic enhancement of your kitchen. With a rollout trash bin placed inside the cabinet, you save some valuable kitchen space. The trash bin won’t get in your way if it’s hidden away when not in use.

a rollout trash bin concealed inside the cabinet can offer quick access.

Conversion of your bottom cabinet into a trash bin can also become a DIY project.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Behind Cabinet Doors

In fact, instead of storing plastic wrap and aluminum foil in the drawer, why not place them behind your cabinet door?

You can add hooks and caddies to the insides of your cabinet doors and make use of this often-underutilized space. You can hang pans and other kitchen items from the hooks inside cabinet doors. Similarly, the backsides of cabinet doors are the perfect storage place for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. All you will need to do is attach a magazine file at the back of your cabinet door and your plastic wrap and aluminum foil will fit snugly in it.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Above Cabinets

The tiny and somewhat inaccessible space between the top of cabinets and the kitchen ceiling is often a ‘wasted space’ in most kitchens. Put this space to use by adding some enclosed boxes to hold seasonal appliances or rarely used items.

You can also use baskets in which you store some items. When you need them, you can pull the basket down without risking creating a mess by having a bunch of items come tumbling down when you are trying to access one item.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Under Cabinets

The empty space under the kitchen cabinets need not go to waste. You can retrofit a toe-kick drawer there and store cake pans or other flat items.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Drawers

A well-organized kitchen drawer should allow you to open and close smoothly and find what you need immediately.

Randomly storing stuff inside kitchen drawers is not the optimum way to make the most of your drawer space. One way to add storage to your small kitchen is to smartly organize your drawers.

You should be able to find what you need immediately inside the drawers without having to rummage. Keep the frequently used utensils handy and put the rarely used items elsewhere.

Drawer Organizers: There are options galore in terms of drawer organizers and drawer dividers. You can buy one according to the kind of flatware, silverware, knives, or utensils that you own and which need to be kept organized inside the drawers.

Built-In Chopping Board: A cutting board built into a kitchen cabinet drawer will save precious counter space. This works even better in combination with a pullout garbage bin. With a hole in the cutting board, you can push scraps directly into the bin.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Gap Between The Fridge and The Wall

the perfect space for a slide-out pantry you can use to stock canned goods or spices.

There’s usually a small gap between the refrigerator and the wall. Why let this space go to waste? Put a slide-out pantry in the gap and store some canned goods, spices or other items there.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Wall Studs

Make up some of the lost storage by borrowing space in between wall studs for small niches.

The space between wall studs can be put to good use as a small pantry area or an appliance garage where you store occasionally used appliances.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Bottom Side of Open Shelving

Get some mason jars with metal lids and screw them into the bottom of your shelf.

When you go for open shelving instead of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, you can use both surfaces of the shelves to store stuff. You can attach some mason jars to the bottom of the shelving and thereby create an interesting way to store additional items in clear jars. You can do with the bottoms of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets as well.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens: Use Empty Walls

The wall-mounted pallet offers the perfect foundation where you can put your pot racks and magnetic strips in one place.

Make sure to leave no walls unused when you are starved for space in your small kitchen. You can opt for pegboards or magnetic knife racks or magnetic strips. Stick magnetic racks to the side of your fridge or hang pots and pans from the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to get creative in how to make the most of the limited space in your small kitchen. Just do some research, explore friends’ and others’ kitchens when you have the opportunity and then set free your inner interior designer!

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