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A Handy Guide to Choosing Bathroom Cabinets and Bath Vanities

Washroom or bathroom decorating can be such a fun experience, even for those that are doing it themselves. The same principles of house building and decorating apply; you need to start with a budget or a plan or a specific look that will be your guide in the coming days.

Some bathroom cabinets are pricier than others while some require some form of assembly. They come in big and small sizes with a number of designs and pre-set combinations. The prices vary with the simplest ones to be cheaper as compared to those that are fully customizable.

At this point, it is essential to narrow down the relevant information such as design, function, and lead time expectation. It is also very important to know and list down the specification of the available space which may be allotted for the bathroom cabinet.

Finding the length, width, and height of the available space saves time, money, and effort for contractors or retail stores. Hence, it is important to list this down prior to your visit to the furniture store.

Mounting the Bathroom Cabinets

As we mentioned earlier, having a plan for your bathroom cabinet saves you time and effort in an endless search for the right one. One can start with identifying the mount of the bathroom cabinet. When you understand the mounting options, some designs may already inspire you to purchase. These bathroom cabinets follow three kinds of mounting which is freestanding, wall mount, and corners.

Freestanding bathroom cabinets are more commonly used because you simply build them and place them where they need to be. They have some level of flexibility in terms of installation around the pipe system. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets are more difficult to install but are pleasing to look at. This is also the same for corner mounts that provide benefits in smaller bathroom floor areas.

Types of Bath Cabinetry: Your Options

Similar to other home and office furniture and fixtures, bathroom cabinetry comes in four types. These types vary in terms of ease of use, application, quality, price, function, and aesthetics. The first type is the Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) and these are found in popular retailers such as IKEA. They’re fairly cheap and have the basic functions of cabinetry but they have lower quality in terms of material strength and durability.

Shaker grey bathroom vanity cabinets

The second type is stock cabinetry which comes pre-built and ready to be installed. They are also in the affordable price range and a little rummaging is needed in order to get designs that fit your intended look.

The last two types are more often seen in specialty furniture stores as compared to big chain retailers.

The third type refers to semi-custom cabinetry which includes some level of customization with the available finishes, materials, doors, and sinks. However, this type is not fully customizable in terms of exact and measurable specifications. The last type is the completely customized cabinetry, which means the sky’s the limit in terms of design, materials, and outcome. This comes with the highest price tag as compared to the other options but has the best intention of getting you the perfect bathroom cabinet in line with your chosen theme or concept or feel.

Bath Remodeling Budget: Affordable Value or Premium Design?

When you know the design you like and the budget available to get this done, it becomes easier to decide on either affordability or premium design. Affordable and value for money bathroom cabinetry have less flexibility and fewer design options.

Further, there is a limit to customization. Value for money cabinetry would often come with wooden materials and less ornate designs and finishes.

On the other hand, premium design bathroom cabinetry may be customized from start to finish. The only drawback is the many decision points on color, materials, and finishes but the premium design allows for complete flexibility in terms of the combination and concept.

The price tag may be higher for premium design but it would often result in the perfectly built bathroom cabinet that has the same look and feel like your home’s main design.

What You Need to Know About Vanity and Sinks

The vanity is another part of the bathroom cabinetry that needs to be given some attention. Some furniture stores include the vanity as a package when cabinetry is ordered from them. These are mirrors that can be hung on the wall and are usually placed directly over the bathroom cabinet. Medicine and first aid are often found inside the compartments of vanities.

After picking this out, you can then select the most appropriate sink that you’d like to use. There are undermounts, vessels, drop-in, and integrated categories to select from. Houses that are more modern may opt to go for vessels or integrated kinds of sinks. Actually, vessels and integrated sinks exude a level of taste that is aligned with high quality and premium looks. Consider lightly colored vessels and framed vanities to highlight dark colors used in the bathroom cabinet.

Selecting the Right Bath Cabinets

Overall, in choosing the right bathroom cabinetry, selecting the right form and design for the available space is definitely fun and difficult. The pro tip to take away from picking out your own bathroom cabinet is the outcome of the bathroom which should jive with the overall theme or concept of the home.

For instance, it is best to select beige and neutral tones for homes with monotonous colors such as grayscale or premium white. Homes that have many wooden and nature-related elements may benefit from a brown themed bathroom cabinet. Stone or marble are common construction materials for tops which house the sink. These are some tips to get you inspired and energized before heading into the nearest furniture shop and buying the bathroom cabinet there.

Final Advice

It is important to consider all the information available as it will affect the final outcome of the bathroom cabinet you are intending to place and use. As a final piece of advice, those that have small spaces to spare in the bathroom may select a space-saving and economical option that is easy to clean and maintain, while sustaining the beauty and aesthetics of the bathroom cabinet.

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