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These 7 Silly Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes Can Ruin Your Bathroom

With an average bathroom remodel cost in the US hovering around $15,000 to $25,000, bathroom remodeling mistakes can be very costly. Whether you’re just replacing the bathroom vanities or redoing the entire bathroom, you should plan the remodeling to keep the potentially wasteful expenditures in control by avoiding any bathroom remodeling mistakes.

Here are some of the tips to help you ward off any bathroom remodeling blunders and keep your budget in check.

Not Prioritizing Ventilation

Ventilation may not be the first thing that comes to your mind while remodeling a bathroom. However, it’s extremely essential to keep your bathroom adequately ventilated. Without good ventilation, you would get excessive humidity after a shower. It will take both natural and artificial ventilation to get a bathroom that has good ventilation overall. The windows can be kept open during the non-winter months while the exhaust fan or ventilation fan will take care of ventilation needs during the winter months.

Choosing Wrong Materials for Bathroom

If you choose the wrong materials for your bathroom flooring, bathroom vanity, countertops and so on, you might repent as bathroom surfaces are subject to a lot of wear and tear on account of daily use as well as the constant presence of moisture in the bathroom. Plus, people use many strong cleaning products in bathrooms which can damage the various surfaces, particularly wooden ones. Tiles will get stains easily enough and the bathroom will start looking pretty unattractive pretty soon.

Therefore, you’ll need to avoid materials that cannot take the pounding they’ll be subject to in the bathroom and opt for materials that are capable of going the distance. Go for stuff that doesn’t let mold grow easily, doesn’t stain easily, and doesn’t chip easily.

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Not Having Ample Storage Space

Storage space in your bathroom will depend on the number of members in your family, and the number of bathrooms in your home. If a single bathroom is going to be used by a small family consisting of, say, two adults and a kid, there should be enough storage space to hold items of use for all of them.

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Prioritizing Aesthetics Over Functionality

Since your bathroom is going to be used every day, it is a must for it to be practical and functional. Going overboard for an aesthetic look may compromise on the bathroom’s practicality. So, things to keep in mind while planning a bathroom redesign are safety and comfort.

Not Keeping Ample Space for Bathroom Vanity

The size of the bathroom vanity should be chosen keeping in mind the size of the overall bathroom so that you don’t bump into it every time you use the bathroom. The toilet paper holder should be close enough to the toilet. You need to keep the overall spacing and layout of the bathroom in mind such as making sure there’s enough space in the bathroom for the shower door to fully open.

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Putting Off on Lighting Plans

Having good quality lighting in the bathroom is essential as it lends a flattering touch to your ambiance. Therefore, you need to decide on the lighting early, especially during the remodeling project. A professional electrician’s involvement would be a good idea if you are going for the major renovation and there is electrical wiring which needs ‘work’ such as re-routing and so on.

Forgetting to Put Aside Reserve Funds

No matter how carefully you plan ahead, your bathroom remodeling project may end up needing more funds than initially planned. So, it’s better to have some flexibility regarding funds — the idea being you should be able to pay for your remodeling even if it goes 10 or 15 percent over budget.

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The best way to avoid any potential mistakes in your bathroom remodeling project is to plan each and every element beforehand. After all, there’s no point in rushing into your project without proper deliberation.

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