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Average Bathroom Remodel Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Redo a Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home renovation projects in the United States. According to the Joint Centers for Housing Studies of Harvard University, US homeowners invest in excess of $300 billion annually on renovations and repairs.

While a low-end bathroom remodel costs around $2,500 (think of a new vanity), the high-end remodels can set you back as much as $23,000. (Source: Angielist)

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average bathroom remodel cost has been found to be between $9,600 and $11,000. However, 20% of that spending goes to the labor cost.

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost Factors

The average bathroom remodel cost can vary depending on several other factors apart from the labor cost. While you can some of these factors to reduce the bathroom remodel cost, others are hard to change. Let’s take a look at those factors:

Bathroom Materials

The kind of materials you choose (laminate or marble?) can have a major impact on your bathroom remodeling budget. For example, 20sf of laminate may not drive up your budget substantially but the same quantity of marble can make a huge difference. Likewise, the addition of luxurious materials such as light fixture and heated bathroom means your bathroom renovation cost can go through the roof.

Bathroom Size

Apart from materials, it’s the size of your bathroom that also affects the bathroom reno cost. With a larger bath area, you will end up spending more on the renovation. Plus, if you chose, say, hardwood over tile, the cost may go up substantially.

Bathroom Budget

There are some bathroom remodeling cost factors which you can control very much. To begin with you need to have a specific budget based on the features you want to add or bathroom remodeling trends you want to follow. Knowing the features you need beforehand helps you control your budget. Homeowners that don’t stick to a budget end up spending more on their bathroom reno than they intended. Moreover, create a contingency fund for things that may fall outside your initial budget.

Bathroom Trends

The average bathroom remodel cost also depends on whether you want to incorporate any current bathroom remodeling trends. From adding trendy metallic features to using subway tiles, there are many hottest bathroom reno trends that homeowners aspire for.

A word of caution: If you’re not planning to stay in your current house for at least more than five years, don’t add any features based on your personal preferences. The potential buyer may or may not like the features; therefore, it can affect the home value as well.

Personal Taste

Apart from current bathroom trends, your personal tastes may affect the bathroom remodeling budget to a certain extent. Whether you want a pedestal sink or carpet near sink, they can affect the average bathroom remodeling budget. As explained in the previously, be careful about heavily personalizing your bathroom project, especially if you’re planning to sell it soon. Most buyers wouldn’t like a heavily personalized bathroom and you may have to spend quite a bit to undo those features.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

Bathroom Remodeling Projects & Costs

Bathroom Material Costs

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